Traveling makes me wonder why there are wars.

So, I have been taking classes in the morning in order to further improve my language skills here. One thing that I like about Salamanca is the amount of international students that are here. In my class we are two Americans, one French girl, one Italian girl, two Koreans, and another Chinese student all in the same class and all in their 20’s. We are all brought together by our desire to improve our language skills and I really do like the class. However, my favorite time in that class is where we all get a chance to talk about current events and social, or political, differences inside of each country. It really gives us a chance to see a country from a different perspective. 

The most fascinating discussion that we have had is one pertaining to economy. As many people know that the economy in Spain is really in a dire situation. The only news is bad news and it seems to only get worse. This sparked a conversation about finding jobs and the personal economic situations pertaining to each individual and their countries. As I heard each individual explain their specific story about trying to find work it made me start to think about what exactly were to happen if my government decided to go to war against anyone of these specific countries which being from where I am from is not that big of a stretch.

In my country, for the past 10 years there has been this constant talk about China. How China, “owns” the United States and how every US citizen should fear that China will, or has, become the next big super power and that they are a constant threat to American business security. 

While sitting in class and listening to my fellow classmate, a chinese male who is the same age as me, talk about the same exact thing that everyone else had just expressed, His desire to find work, start a family, hangout with friends, it really got me thinking about what on earth are they talking about when they say these people are a threat to me? They simply are not. Everyone wants the same things, money, security, family, and to have fun. The sad part is that, if a war were to break out between the two countries, there are a number of people just like us that would not meet in a classroom but instead through the scopes of their rifles. 

Borders mean nothing, to think otherwise is ignorant.