Getting to Spain and why Iberia has turned onto the worst airline company.

So, after a week and a half of traveling I can finally settle down and start working on more posts. The next few posts are just going to be a quick summary of what I have been doing the past week.

Getting to Spain and The Terrible Flight

I left Graz on Tuesday, July 16th for Madrid with a 5 hour lay over in Ibiza, Spain. When we arrived in Ibiza we noticed that all of the Iberia flights were late. It’s normal for airlines to sometimes be late but to Iberia this is  apparently unacceptable. Due to the economic crisis almost all Spanish businesses have taken the “Do more with less” approach to business since they turned the plane around in 30 minutes, loaded us on the flight like cattle and yelled at anyone who took their time. Since we were late they pushed the speed of the plane up, which caused my girlfriend and I to get very nauseous and by the end of the flight she was holding the paper bag and waiting for the inevitable.

Lost Luggage

During those 5 hours in Ibiza, Iberia airlines managed to lose both mine and my girlfriend’s luggage. After one hour of waiting by baggage claim, which I know can seem like a long time to wait but in Spain it is not outside of the realm of possibility, we looked for some sort of desk or assistance. After looking for about ten minutes we finally found the customer assistance desk which consisted of 3 workers with additional space for 10 more, but due to the crisis they have been laid off and now have only 3 people there to assist 20 people.

So, we get to the desk and ask the balding man holding on to the last bit of his blond dyed hair what is going on and After asking him where the luggage is he quickly informs us that he just simply does not know. Let me repeat that, The airline doesn’t know where our luggage is.

After telling him that we have nothing to shower with nor a change of clothes he gives us two courtesy shower kits, mine was complete with shampoo, conditioner, a two blade razor that was perfect for cutting up my face right before I had to take my pictures for my Foreigner Identification Card, and a wonderful white T-Shirt with a huge Iberia logo. In my girlfriends’s bag they gave her a comb, slippers, a toothbrush, and another Iberia t-shirt. But just forgot to put any shampoo or conditioner in it. So we had to go out and buy that anyways. Thanks Iberia!
After taking our phone number we were sent on our way to go find the bus station.

Update: They found our bags and sent them to my girlfriends house in VillaFranca de los Barros in Extremadura. The mailman couldn’t find the house and almost went back to Madrid without delivering them if it were not for my girlfriends mom seeing the guy in the street.